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Why InfoPros for Your Technical Writing Services?

Why InfoPros?

The InfoPros Approach

We are driven to be the best in our industry by continually challenging the status quo and ourselves. We are solely focused on providing you with effective technical writing solutions designed to achieve your business objectives.

Our unique InfoPros Advantage™ allows us to quickly address your immediate needs, understand your long-term challenges, and provide proactive, business-focused solutions. These critical steps include:

  • Understanding your specific business objectives
  • Developing an immediate plan of action
  • Partnering to implement that plan
  • Continuously identifying and evaluating improvement opportunities

Trust Built Through Performance

We are dedicated to building relationships with our clients based on trust. We believe the best way to build that trust is to deliver high-quality technical content every time, and to keep your team in the loop every step of the way.

Your needs are taken care of, you’re informed every step of the way, and your project milestones are never missed with our Project Team Approach. By having a dedicated team, you eliminate the time and hassle associated with teaching a new writer basic knowledge with each new project.

In addition, your project manager provides reports that allow you to see exactly what’s going on with your technical content, from illustrations to writing to training and beyond, so you know without a doubt that your needs are being met. Our project managers are well versed in looking at your organization’s overarching needs, and can make recommendations on what should be next and how to accomplish those next steps in a way that is both cost-effective and efficient.

Cost Tracking

We are unique in our focus on reducing your unit costs.

Your InfoPros project manager can provide you with detailed reporting to prove the value of outsourcing with us. We can track the costs of the work we do down to specific metrics (e.g., cost per page of new content, cost per minute of eLearning). As we learn more about your business, we can make recommendations that often allow us to reduce your unit costs by as much as 10-25% within our first year of working together.

When you believe it is time for improved courseware or documentation solutions, InfoPros is the hassle-free choice for quality technical content.

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