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InfoPros Delivers Documentation for Software

We are the software documentation company that partners with you to provide the solutions to your software challenges. When you engage InfoPros to create the content for your software documentation, you get a project team of software documentation writers, editors, and information architects, led by a project manager who will keep the project on schedule and keep you informed. When you choose to work with us for your software documentation, you can be confident in knowing we will deliver the documentation you need, on time and on budget.

Our case studies contain numerous examples of how we’ve solved content challenges for our clients.

User Documentation

Your targeted audience is always top of mind for us. By creating user guides and manuals specifically designed for your audiences, the reader is more likely to use the software as designed and will be able to depend on the documentation as a reference as opposed to calling in for support, saving you ample time and resources.

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Administrator Documentation

Don’t force your admins to wade through information that’s not relevant to them – let us target the topics that they need to get their jobs done.

Online Help Systems

An effective, well designed, online help system makes the application more user friendly, increases end-user productivity and customer satisfaction, while lowering customer support costs. Effective online help documentation is what we do.

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API Documentation

Many companies come to us to create API documentation that is easy for developers to use. Often, we recommend creating API documentation that is interactive, so it is easier for other developers to find answers fast. Whether you are working with RESTful, SOAP or .Net, our software-focused technical writers can work within the platforms that work best for you, such as Apiary, or Swagger. We work hard to provide API documentation created for your end-user and the best solution for your needs.

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SDK Documentation

Low-quality or outdated SDK documentation reflects poorly on the work of your development team; we strive to write SDK documentation that makes it easy for third-party developers to work with your SDK, thus improving the chances of third-party developers successfully adopting your SDKs, APIs, services, and products.

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Software Documentation Services

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Leave your technical software content to the people who eat, sleep, and breathe technical content.

The easiest way to increase the effectiveness of your software is with concise, easy-to-use documentation for your software. We have worked with many companies and we can develop the custom documentation solution to fit your specific needs. Our software documentation writers know what they are doing.

We will work with you to understand your software and the needs of your end users. We leverage our best-in-class skills and experience to develop a solution that fits your specific needs while enhancing the end user’s experience. Let’s work together to develop an approach that meets your business objectives and increases end-user satisfaction.

When you need a software documentation company that can get your application documented, choose InfoPros.

DITA XML Solution for Information Centers



Hill-Rom, a leading provider of medical products and services worldwide, was  struggling to find a more effective way to handle all of their technical documentation needs. Some of the challenges Hill-Rom faced included:

Since Hill-Rom’s products are FDA-regulated, their documentation must conform to specific content requirements and established labeling and document control processes. Hill-Rom needed a solution that would help them efficiently create, maintain, and manage all of their technical documentation without the cost  and effort associated with implementing a new content management platform. Hill-Rom brought InfoPros in to analyze their current processes and tools, and develop a solution to centralize and streamline the entire process.


InfoPros worked closely with Hill-Rom to design a solution that addressed the needs of the different target audiences –internal users, such as sales and product managers, and external users, such as the physicians and nurses, who would use Hill-Rom products – while also driving efficiencies in both the development and maintenance of all product documentation.

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