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Publishing Layouts

InfoPros has the expertise to create flexible, easy-to-use publishing layouts, reaching audiences wherever they are with intuitive navigation that helps them make sense of complex information.

Get More From Your Layout

Responsive HTML5 Publishing

A visual design approach that includes responsive HTML5 publishing layouts means your company can have mission-critical content in a structured format that can be used in online help, technical manuals, interactive web sites, eLearning, and PDF outputs without degrading quality or sacrificing content.

The value of responsive design lies in its flexibility. Imagine being able to provide internal and external audiences with content-rich documentation and training that adapts to device technology, so it displays consistently across PCs, tablets, and phones. With responsive design, InfoPros can create publishing layouts that use your company’s branding elements and provide engaging technical content that is consistently intuitive and easy to navigate.

We can also design professional eLearning layouts that work in your learning management system environment, and we can work with your IT team to ensure eLearning solutions are built correctly, whether they will be connected to the Internet or protected behind secure layers of IT privacy.

Responsive HTML5 publishing layouts provide flexible document publishing capabilities for print and online distribution.

Sample 1: MadCap Flare Layout
InfoPros developed these online layouts to provide easy access to the content.

Sample 2: Document Layout
InfoPros improved this document layout for readability and PDF publishing.

Sample 2: Original layout

Sample 3: PowerPoint Templates

InfoPros created these PowerPoint template layouts for professional-looking presentation slides with company branding.


Sample 4: Document Layout
InfoPros improved this document layout for readability, and PDF and print publishing.

Sample 4: Original layout

Sample 5: Document Layout
InfoPros improved this document layout for readability and PDF publishing.

Sample 5: Original layout


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