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Process Documentation

Process Manuals

Effective Business Process Documentation

Process documentation can help an organization maintain standards, train employees, and become more efficient, all of which is especially important for company growth. However, the task of updating and managing process documentation can become overwhelming and time consuming for already busy employees, which will often lead to outdated and incomplete process manuals. At InfoPros, we have worked with many companies to develop and maintain their process documentation.

Our team can work within your organization to understand your issues, challenges, and needs. If you are unsure how to start, just call us. InfoPros can help capture, document, and deliver this valuable process knowledge. When you work with us to develop your process manuals, you know we are providing documentation that reduces employee error and the solutions to your content needs.

When you trust InfoPros to develop your process manuals, the results will:

  • A better way to provide training for your employees
  • Be written specifically for the people who rely on the documents, so they are more likely to utilize them
  • Have content that is cost effective and easily translated into other languages if required
  • Enable employees to focus on their primary responsibilities rather than writing process documentation
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Policy Manuals

A policy document expresses organizational rules and expectations related to a company’s decisions and actions. Depending on the nature of the policy, it may define operational expectations, such as the security requirements for information assets, or it may define behavioral expectations for employees, contractors, and third parties, such as a nondisclosure policy.

Procedure Manuals

A procedure document, sometimes called a Work Instruction, provides step-by-step instructions for completing a specific task. A procedure is often performed as part of a larger process, which is documented in a separate process document.

Process Documentation

A process document describes the functional responsibilities, objectives, inputs, procedures, outputs, etc. for a business process. A process may contain one or more procedures and may refer to procedures from other processes. A process document often includes a process map (diagram) illustrating the process flow, especially when the flow involves multiple people or departments.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

A SOP is typically a short one-page document and provides a functional explanation of what needs to be done as well as key reference and contextual information; such documents should address one specific procedure. They are best thought of as a reference tool that also serves to meet any regulatory or legal documentation requirements.

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Wicomico County Board of Education


Wicomico County Public Schools (WCPS) Facilities Services provides all services necessary to care for and maintain the 24 facilities in its district, totaling approximately 2.23 million square feet. Facilities Services and their process documentation evolved over time into five Service Groups that meet all the facility needs.

WCPS, like many school districts across the country, was struggling to maintain and increase funding for critical programs. They were getting questions that indicated key oversight and funding groups did not fully understand their organization. WCPS needed to clearly document its roles, functions, and responsibilities in order to effectively communicate both internally and externally what they are as an organization and the important services they provide.

Additionally, the district realized only two people on staff completely understood all the inner workings of the organization and that it was critical to document and transfer that knowledge.


InfoPros worked with WPS to identify a document solution that would meet its multiple requirements: to allow them to quickly and effectively explain who they are, how they fit within the school system and how they would support the schools year round to the public, the Board of Education, other departments, and new employees.

In addition, WCPS wanted the document to provide a baseline from which to develop a more comprehensive process and procedures manual.

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