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Omron Case Study

Product Catalog Development



Omron, a global leader in sensing and control technology, needed several catalogs merged into one. Existing documents were in a variety of software packages, including FrameMaker, Interleaf, QuarkXPress, and Acrobat.

Individual sections needed updating, everything needed a new format, and a master part number index was needed. Coordination with Omron’s printing and graphics vendors was essential. Omron turned to InfoPros to make the changes, update the format, and manage the project.


InfoPros created a FrameMaker template that maximized the space available on the page, yet was visually appealing and easy-to-read. By incorporating spot color into the catalog, the new pages provided visual impact without greatly increasing printing costs. The new FrameMaker template included automation features that reduced work effort and error rates, thus lowering costs. InfoPros implemented a tracking system to manage the thousands of files that were involved in the project, which facilitated a coordinated team effort on the project, thus meeting client deadlines.

InfoPros converted files from the various formats into FrameMaker, ensuring that the data transferred completely. InfoPros developed a method to merge part numbers from a variety of sources to create a master part number index.

In addition, InfoPros worked with Omron’s printer to ensure that the documents met the printer’s specifications and that the printed documents fulfilled Omron’s needs.


Producing a comprehensive product catalog that was visually appealing, accurate, and well-organized allowed Omron to make product selection easier for its customers.

InfoPros works with its clients to deliver a solution for their unique business needs. For Omron, the solution required InfoPros to convert various source materials into a single format, manage both teams, and ensure the catalog was in an easy-to-read format for Omron’s customers.

Whether your project requires the conversion of multiple documents, or a complete outsourcing solution, InfoPros will work with you to develop a plan to meet your goals and objectives.