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Motorola Mobility Case Study

Smartphone Service and Repair Manuals

Motorola Mobility


Motorola Mobility is a global telecommunications leader developing products for both commercial and individual consumers. InfoPros has worked with Motorola’s Service Engineering group to provide technical documentation in support of their line of smartphones and other mobile devices.

The Service Engineering group was working on the launch of a new mobile phone, and needed a service and repair manual for their domestic and global service centers. They had legacy technical documentation, but did not have the internal resources available to produce the new service and repair manual by the launch date. The Motorola Service Engineers relied on InfoPros to handle all tasks associated with producing documentation for the new product.


InfoPros started the process by working closely with Motorola subject matter experts (SMEs) to analyze the current documentation, the objectives of the new documentation, and the target audience. The analysis revealed that a service and repair manual was needed to provide a global audience of repair technicians with the following information:

InfoPros used the phone and Motorola’s proprietary tools to write repair procedures based on SME input and engineering information. During this process, InfoPros reviewed the manual with the SMEs to verify the procedures and ensure the manual would meet technicians’ needs. In addition to writing the text for the manuals, InfoPros created line art to show the product components and construction, and took digital photographs to visually illustrate the procedures. InfoPros later updated the manual when a new generation of the phone was released.


By outsourcing the project to InfoPros, the Service Engineering group was able to focus on other priorities and still meet its deadline for the product launch. InfoPros produced a service and repair manual that contained all of the required procedures and was written specifically for a global technical audience.

The manual was clear and concise, and included detailed illustrations and photographs as visual representations of how to service the phone and its many components. For Motorola Mobility, the initial project led to a continued partnership with InfoPros to produce further manuals and demonstration videos for their expanding product line.

Whether your project is the development of a new service and repair manual, an update to existing documentation, or a complete outsourcing project, InfoPros will work with you to develop a plan to meet your goals and objectives.