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Micro Innovations Case Study

International Consumer Product Documentation

Micro Innovations


Micro Innovations Corp. is a leading importer and distributor of computer accessories and peripherals for laptops and desktops. Since it distributes a variety of products internationally, it required universal installation and reference manuals. The documentation needed to be clear, concise, and reliant on descriptive illustrations to reduce translation expense and provide step-by-step instructions for a diverse set of customers.


InfoPros took a multi-tier approach, coordinating all aspects of the documentation development, including translation. The approach encompassed the following phases:

InfoPros worked closely with Micro Innovations to establish a documentation development schedule based on the product development and distribution schedule. InfoPros also worked with its translation partner to integrate the translation process into the schedule, ensuring deadlines were met.

During the first documentation development cycle, InfoPros created a template for all of the documents to maintain consistency and brand representation. Once InfoPros received each product, a technical illustrator created detailed graphics depicting the steps required for a quick installation guide or full user manual. Throughout this process, a technical writer developed the content for the quick installation guide and user manual, while also working with subject matter experts on any product changes or updates as the documentation progressed.

After the content had been reviewed and approved, InfoPros delivered the content to its translation partner. InfoPros coordinated the submission, review, and delivery of the tri-lingual files from the translation partner to Micro Innovations. During the entire project life cycle, InfoPros was able to monitor and track the documentation development progress and coordinate with all partners.


InfoPros customized an approach based on Micro Innovations’ specific needs. The establishment of a clear process enabled all partners involved to remain on track and meet each deadline. One of the key goals of the documentation was to reduce the overall word count while maintaining high-quality and easy-to-understand instructions. InfoPros was able to create detailed illustrations of the product to take the customer through the installation process.

Technical documentation solutions are unique based on the product, audience, and overall objective. For Micro Innovations Corp., the consumer documentation needed to be very clear and required a partner that could handle all aspects of documentation development. InfoPros works with its clients to understand the target audience and develop documentation that facilitates ease of product use.