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Kodiak Case Study

Comprehensive Employee Training



Kodiak Gas Services is a rapidly-growing company that supports the gas and oil industry with customers across the United States. With decades of knowledge and experience, the Kodiak team was challenged with training the increasing number of employees required to support their business.

Having little experience developing training that addressed such a broad set of needs, Kodiak realized that they required a partner that could take the lead in developing a comprehensive training program that covered all aspects of their business, everything from company culture and technical training to training for new supervisors.


Kodiak engaged InfoPros to develop their training because of InfoPros’ experience working with similar companies and InfoPros’ ability to take the lead in developing the training.

InfoPros began the process by meeting with the Kodiak team to clearly identify the topics to be covered and the needs of the different target audiences.

The next step was to identify what source material was available for each of these training modules and who the subject matter experts were. InfoPros developed a plan for gathering all of the required information – this involved capturing decades of accumulated experience/knowledge – and how the InfoPros project team would work with Kodiak, including going onsite and working with Kodiak SMEs in the field.

InfoPros was able to hone in and ask the right questions, so effective and comprehensive information was gathered. InfoPros met with Kodiak regularly to have detailed reviews and discussions to ensure accuracy and clarity, as well as, to capture the internal processes and procedures that are unique to their company culture. This allowed InfoPros to determine what content was truly needed to get this information into digestible and easily-absorbed chunks.

As a result of this initial planning and work, InfoPros developed a training program covering everything from HR and Kodiak culture to team leadership and accounting policies to technical training such as, how to calculate output pressure.

Creating modules that specifically addressed these unique needs has helped set incoming employees up for success.


With the training InfoPros delivered, Kodiak has the ability to bring incoming employees with limited experience working in the oil and gas industry up to speed on industry practices and integrate them quickly and seamlessly into Kodiak’s unique culture.

InfoPros helped Kodiak to make the most of their investment by keeping the project on-track: aligning the schedule to theirs, switching gears, traveling to their location, or pausing work as needed.

The team at InfoPros was able to distill vast amounts of technical information into the most necessary pieces that would have the most significant impact on incoming employees and their ability to quickly perform at a higher level.

Kodiak found the training program was well received and the new hires could easily get up to speed. The management team was impressed with the way InfoPros fit into their existing processes, schedules, and priorities to achieve the desired result. The InfoPros team and Kodiak are continuing the partnership with new documentation and training projects.