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Custom eLearning

eLearning Development

Custom eLearning could be the best solution to support your business needs. Whether you need courseware to augment a new product or service or you require training for internal instruction, our team has the experience and skill to deliver the results you need. Our team can develop a complete training solution that accomplishes your goals and objectives.

InfoPros Can Help Solve Your Training Challenges

You have options when it comes to choosing an eLearning company, but how do you cut through the noise to choose the right firm that makes the most sense for your needs? At InfoPros, we have the expertise and business acumen to partner with organizations to provide customized solutions for their customers and employees. With a thorough analysis we evaluate your specific needs, challenges, and objectives to develop the eLearning solution that fits exactly right for your business and team needs.

In today’s competitive marketplace, a custom training program that works and promotes your business’ goals is vital to the success of an organization. We have a proven track record in developing eLearning solutions that work, so when it’s time to create an eLearning solution to take your team to the next level, we should talk.

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How our eLearning developers analyze your needs

  • Define your target audience, needs, requirements, and constraints
  • Identify your course objectives and outline the elements of success
  • Catalog the available content and information resources
  • Evaluate the delivery method best suited to your needs and requirements
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Custom eLearning Development Process

We evaluate your specific needs, challenges, and objectives.

By employing a defined process, we work closely with you and your subject matter experts to ensure that the final product addresses all of your needs (and fits in your wants, too). We use an innovative approach, centered on the learner’s experience during training, combining industry best practices with creative custom eLearning development.

After performing a needs assessment we will identify your learning objectives and define the structure for your eLearning courseware.

Then our team of instructional designers and eLearning developers create a comprehensive project plan to develop exactly what you need. You get a targeted, custom solution without the hassle. InfoPros is one of the few eLearning companies that can provide superior technical content for your eLearning needs. Driven by your specific needs, and with a carefully trained eye for what makes an effective delivery system for your concepts and required material, our eLearning can include such things as quizzes, games, and other exercises that we can add to your course.

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California Department of Transportation


The California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) needed to develop project management training courses for management employees statewide. The training had to be comprehensive, covering all aspects of using the project management application, hold the interest of the target audience, and be accessible 24 hours a day. CalTrans chose InfoPros to create a comprehensive course comprised of multiple training modules.


InfoPros developed a web-based training (WBT) solution that includes multiple opportunities for interaction, such as “what if” scenarios, informal quizzes providing helpful hints, and pointers back to related content, audio voice-overs, and animated graphics. Interaction is an effective tool for reinforcing learning concepts while making the training more engaging.

The training is presented through a series of interesting articles, interviews, quizzes, and interactive exercises. Flash-based exercises provide students with an engaging experience that is not possible with traditional training videos or documentation. Recognizable themes and real-life scenarios help to draw in the learner and aid in problem solving.


This eLearning course uses proven instructional design principles to deliver a learning experience that meets the learning needs of senior management employees statewide.

The courses encompass the CalTrans project management methodology within an interactive learning environment providing employees with multiple opportunities to solidify their knowledge on key topics. For CalTrans, a cost-effective solution was an imperative and the web-based training solution enabled them to cut employee travel time and budgets, as well as instructor expense.

Each training solution is unique and addresses specific needs, requirements, and a target audience. InfoPros works with its clients to develop customized training solutions that are instructionally sound while meeting the clients’ core business objectives.

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