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Technical Courseware and Technical Documentation Services

Content Services

We have a professional team of employees: technical writers, information architects, editors, technical illustrators, and project managers that know the ins and outs of developing technical content for your products, processes, and software.

Technical documentation and courseware that fits your specific needs

At InfoPros we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services to accomplish the technical content goals you may have for your products, processes, and services.

Your technical content needs are unique and will not look the same as the business down the street, or the one across the country. We are always working to create a solution that is best for your business needs. We are experienced at creating the solution you need even when it doesn’t fit the “traditional” technical content box.

This is why we focus on working closely with you to develop a plan that meets your objectives and helps you work toward your overall business goals. After the plan is solidified, our team of in-house technical writers, instructional designers, project managers, and more get to work creating the technical documentation and courseware content you need.

API Documentation

Many companies come to us to create API documentation that is easy for developers to use. Often, we recommend creating API documentation that is interactive, so it is easier for other developers to find answers fast. Whether you are working with RESTful, SOAP or .Net, our software-focused technical writers can work within the platforms that work best for you, such as Apiary, or Swagger.

API Documentation

Documentation Development

When you are unsure of your needs, we can help you discover the type of documentation required to achieve your business objectives. We have helped many companies with their documentation development such as process documentation, manuals, guides, software documentation, user documentation and so much more. Our skilled team will develop the documentation you need for your products, process, and software.


We create eLearning that provides on-demand training to any location using an Internet connection. With the right planning and an interactive and engaging design, it can be just as effective as face-to-face training. eLearning is a great option for learners in multiple locations with busy schedules. eLearning works best for information that does not need frequent updating.


Instructor-Led Training

The most traditional type of instruction is in-person, face-to-face classroom training, led by a trainer who relies on lecture, followed by test questions to ensure competency. However, in recent years, training professionals have integrated more opportunities for interaction, including discussions, problem-solving tasks, case studies, and hands-on practice. Learners are immersed in the training experience as they are asked not only to absorb but also to perform, along with trainers who may or may not be experts in the subject matter. Let us work with you to identify the most effective way to meet you goals.

Training Solutions

Manuals and Guides

We evaluate your big picture needs so that when our technical writers start writing your manual, they are efficient and effective at solving your documentation challenges. Our technical writers have written manuals for most industries and bring a unique skill set and perspective to each manual because of that experience.

Manuals & Guides

Online Help Systems

Quality online help systems can create a positive end-user experience and reduce technical support calls.  We create the online help systems you desire, allowing users to easily and intuitively use and navigate your software applications.  Whatever the complexity of your application and the needs of your end users, we work with you to meet your business goals.

Online Help Systems

Process Documentation

Process documentation can help an organization maintain standards, train employees, and improve systems, which is especially important for company growth. However, the task of updating and managing process documentation can become overwhelming and time consuming for already busy employees, which will often lead to outdated and incomplete process manuals. We can help.

Process Documentation

SDK Documentation

Low-quality or outdated SDK documentation reflects poorly on the work of your development team; we strive to write SDK documentation that makes it easy for third-party developers to work with your SDK, thus improving the chances of third-party developers successfully adopting your SDKs, APIs, services, and products.

SDK Documentation

Software Documentation

The easiest way to increase the effectiveness of your software is with concise, easy-to-use documentation for your software. We have worked with many companies and we can develop the custom documentation solution to fit your specific needs.

Software Documentation

Technical Illustration

Technical Illustrations enhance and illuminate technical information. Drawings, animations, video, and 3D renderings can succinctly convey complex concepts and procedures in a visual manner familiar to today’s audience.


We begin each project with a proven process that builds quality and consistency into each step. Our Client Solutions team develops content specifically for translation, which often reduces translation costs and turnaround times.

Translations Made Simple

User Documentation

User documentation is all about how the end user interacts with and experiences the product or software application. That means the content must provide valuable information that the user needs and wants. We can help.

User Documentation

And So Much More

Sometimes your business challenges require a different approach. We understand your business challenges and can work with you to propose solutions that make sense for your company. Let’s talk.

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  • Cisco

    “The team has proven their expertise in the management role and the writer’s process insights have already provided much value.”
  • American Express

    “Thank you again all for your continued partnership and support of our document publication needs.”
  • ITT Fluid Technology

    “InfoPros provided an 80% reduction in cost for translation. Created a 70-90% rate of reuse of translation words and topics.”

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