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Instructional Design

Courseware Development

Whether you are unsure of your needs or you know you need a complete training program to augment a new product or service, InfoPros is the instructional design company that has the experience and skills to deliver the training program that will achieve your business objectives.

By leveraging our instructional design methodology, we are able to create a solution that engages your targeted learner, such as your employees or customers, while meeting your business training goals.

Learning that can be put into practice

Our instructional designers work with you to develop a customized training solution that will engage your learner. We develop courseware that focuses on the needs of your learners so that your employees and/or customers are able to put into practice what they have learned. We take the time in the courseware design phase to make sure every interaction, every interface element, every click or touch means something to the learner. The process begins with a needs assessment to:

  • Define the target audience, identifying their needs, requirements, and constraints
  • Identify course objectives and define elements of success
  • Catalog the available content and information resources
  • Determine the course delivery method that best suits your specific needs and requirements

Our Training Development Process

Our instructional design consultants utilize a defined process, during which we work closely with you and your subject matter experts to ensure that the final product addresses all of your requirements and learning needs. Our team of instructional designers and courseware developers produce your training development solution by:

  • Working with your subject matter experts to gather and analyze data
  • Identifying your learning objectives
  • Storyboarding the course(s) to ensure appropriate organization and level of detail
  • Designing each module to maximize knowledge retention
  • Developing lesson plans along with required activities and/or testing criteria to ensure comprehension and retention


  • Waukesha Electric

    “Enabled rapid course development while minimizing overall training costs by 40%. Reduced the amount of time SMEs spend in the development process.”
  • Window World

    “After coming to the class, the participants said that they now realize that Window World is a first-class production. They felt very confident in the company.”

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