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How to Create Good, User-Friendly Technical Documentation

Good technical documentation is crafted by writers who know what to do and look for to follow the attributes of good technical documentation: Creators of good technical documentation: Know the audience for and purpose of the document Identify all regulations and standards that must be followed Clarify all safety issues or concerns Confirm the style…

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6 Tips for Creating Product Documentation That Talks to Your Customer

6 Tips for Creating Product Documentation That Talks to Your Customer The days of pushing pages and pages of product information onto your customers are over. Today’s customers are smart, tech savvy, and connected. A customer’s means of obtaining content went from reading bulky manuals to downloading PDFs. Nowadays, these 2 methods are becoming more…

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Outsourcing your Medical Writing Services Makes Good Business Sense

Is your in-house medical writing team understaffed, overloaded, and overwhelmed? If so, consider the advantages of outsourcing your overload to a vendor that specializes in the healthcare and medical devices industries. Outsourcing makes good business sense: If your organization suffers from any of the following, outsourcing your medical writing and training can save your organization money while…

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7 Steps for a Successful Medical Device Launch

A medical device launch represents a significant revenue investment and profit opportunity for a company. Launching a new medical device can yield new markets, bring new customers, and increase business with existing customers. InfoPros is well-versed in medical device launches, and we have the technical content expertise you need to be efficient and successful. From…

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3 Resolutions all Technical Documentation Departments Should Adopt

Happy New Year! Congratulations, you made it through another year of anticipatory project kick-offs, exciting new products and features, stressful deadlines, late night reviews, around-the-clock verification, and product launch celebrations! If you are like many device and equipment manufacturers, these regular cycles of anticipation, excitement, stress, exhaustion, and celebration can be physically and emotionally draining.…

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27 Essential Questions for New Product Launch Documentation

How do you take an idea and turn it into a commercially viable product? From development to product launch, there are many questions that companies must answer. Defining Your Product Purpose The first step is to understand whether your product has significant impact to be understood, conceptualized, and needed. 1. Who will be involved in…

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Putting Documentation on the Web – Easily

Customers and employees want easy access to information via the web, using their PC/tablet/ smartphone. They don’t want large PDFs emailed to them, or worse yet, printed. Above all, they want to know the documentation is up-to-date. However, moving from static PDF-based documentation to the web can present several challenges: Web-enabling the content Developing a…

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Five Reasons to Embrace Web-based Documentation

In today’s fast-paced environment, companies are expected to step up to meet consumers’ needs for information whenever and wherever they are: at the office, at home, or on the go. Is your business prepared to deliver important documentation, on-demand? There are many reasons to embrace web-based documentation for both customers and employees—consumers of your company’s…

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