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4 Ways Ecommerce API Documentation Drives Greater User Adoption and Revenue

For companies that operate ecommerce sites, APIs (application programming interfaces) play a crucial role. APIs allow ecommerce sites to share their applications’ functionality and data with business partners — in other words, to fully engage in ecommerce.   Not surprisingly, ecommerce companies dedicate significant resources to creating and testing these APIs. But in many cases, they…

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5 Keys to Maximizing SOP Process Adherence Across Your Organization

Properly planned and documented, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can help improve a business’ product quality, reduce turnover costs, and minimize product and safety liability. In certain cases, such as in pharmaceutical and medical device industries, SOP process adherence is also federally mandated. SOPs don’t just happen as a normal part of doing business — rather,…

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How to Use Technical Documentation Quality Metrics

For manufacturers, technical documentation  can play a vital role in the company’s success. But not all technical documentation is created equal. What are the best ways to measure the success of your documentation?  Whether you’re a supplier to a manufacturer or a product manager, it’s critical to use technical documentation quality metrics. The challenge is…

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Keys to a more effective standard operating procedure (SOP) creation process

Many organizations develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure consistency in their processes, improve product quality, and prevent health and safety issues. At its core, an SOP is a written set of step-by-step instructions for employees, detailing how they should complete specific tasks or processes. It works as a safeguard against the natural variation in…

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Implementing a Knowledge Transfer Plan to Grow Your Business

No matter what industry or market you compete in, your ability to not only survive, but also grow, is based largely on the knowledge and experience of your people — and none more so than the employees you regard as your subject matter experts (or SMEs). Their familiarity with your organization’s history, products, processes, customers,…

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Improving Your Customer Experience with Consistency in Your Product Documentation and Training Content

Companies in a wide variety of industries share a fundamental challenge: inconsistencies among their product documentation and training materials. Examples can include user manuals, quick start guides, and troubleshooting guides, to name a few. Why the disconnect? Traditionally, when companies had slower product development and update cycles, it was easier to keep training and documentation…

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Improving Training ROI for Salespeople and End Users

To leverage product training for the best return on investment (ROI), companies need to examine their audiences and match the solutions to those individuals. At InfoPros, most of the product and equipment training programs are developed for salespeople or end-users. Instructional designers and technical writers first need to ensure the desired product information applies to…

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How to Create Good, User-Friendly Technical Documentation

Good technical documentation is crafted by writers who know what to do and look for to follow the attributes of good technical documentation: Creators of good technical documentation: Know the audience for and purpose of the document Identify all regulations and standards that must be followed Clarify all safety issues or concerns Confirm the style…

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