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Bimbo Bakeries USA Case Study

Software Process Documentation

Bimbo Bakeries USA


Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), a bakery with approximately 22,000 associates. BBU made the decision to find a partner to develop a professional user guide for a custom software application that will be used by all of their business units and national customers to do Trade Promotion Management (TPM).

BBU needed the user guide to cover all the features and functions of the software, as well as, be easy to use by BBU sales associates. BBU’s goal was to have the all of the sales associates properly trained on the new software before the end of the fiscal year in order to ensure BBU had consistent metrics across all of their business units; to date, business units were using different software for conducting TPM and tracking different metrics.

An additional challenge was that the need for a user guide was identified well into the software development cycle, thereby requiring the selected partner to quickly become knowledgeable about the software, as well as be flexible in accommodating the software updates that were expected as a result of their testing.


InfoPros has undertaken similar projects with companies such as Denver International Airport, TransUnion, and Comcast Xfinity; BBU felt confident they could trust InfoPros to deliver the results they were looking for within the required timeframe. By working with InfoPros, BBU gained a partner with the experience, skills, and resources required to meet the projects objectives.

As with all its Clients, InfoPros assigned BBU a project team under the direction of an InfoPros project manager. For this project, the team was comprised of technical writers and editors, who quickly got up to speed on the software by working with BBU personnel, attending a super-user pre-training session, and using the software from the end user’s perspective, allowing InfoPros to develop a better understanding of precisely how the sales associates would be using the software.

A benefit that BBU had not anticipated was that, as InfoPros validated the functionality of the software, a number of usability issues were identified and documented. These were provided to the software developers, who then improved the software’s quality and ease-of-use.


Working with BBU’s software developers, business units, and corporate personnel, InfoPros was able develop the user guide, adhering to the project schedule in the midst of numerous last-minute software changes. The rollout of the software took place on schedule, and the InfoPros-developed user guide was integral the national launch.

By partnering with InfoPros, BBU attained the results that they were looking for. InfoPros now has a project team that has gained critical experience with one of BBU’s key business processes. The team is available to support updates to the user guide and can leverage this experience to meet other documentation and training needs.