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Writing API Documentation

API Documentation Development

Quality API documentation gives developers confidence in your API, your service, and your brand. In fact, developers often cite API documentation as the most important part of an API.

Developing API Documentation

We want your documentation to be a credit to your API, not an added challenge. Many companies struggle when they rely on their software developers to create their API documentation. Software developers write excellent code, but that skill set doesn’t necessarily carry over to writing effective, high-quality documentation. Because low-quality or outdated API software documentation reflects poorly on the work of your development team, we strive to develop API documentation created to make it easy for developers to work with your API.

At InfoPros, we create API Documentation. When we work together to create the right API documentation for your needs, you get the benefit of a full InfoPros project team including: a project manager that keeps you informed and your project running smoothly, an information architect that will make sure we are achieving your business needs, and technical writers that are experienced in writing API documentation. API documentation created to be current, concise, and high-quality. We will work efficiently to create API documentation that fits your needs, as well as manage the API documentation to maintain its usability.

InfoPros will work with you to create API documentation that meets your needs, making it easier for your team to do what they do and your customers to get it.

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Making Your API Documentation Available Online

It’s important that your API software documentation cuts through the clutter and is easily accessible when it’s needed most. Making it easy-to-use and easily accessible is one of the many ways we can improve adoption of your API.

Many companies come to us to create api documentation that is easy for developers to use. Often, we recommend creating API documentation that is interactive, so it is easier for other developers to find answers fast. Whether you are working with RESTful, SOAP or .Net, our software-focused technical writers can work within the platforms that work best for you, such as Apiary, or Swagger. We work hard to provide the best solution for your needs.

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Payfone works with businesses to confirm their customers and employee’s identities for safer mobile interactions. Security is their business and mobile devices are their primary platform. Payfone’s primary software products utilize APIs to connect their customers to their software. Payfone required immediate support updating and maintaining their outdated API documentation as well as publishing timely software release notes. The API documentation and release notes were not easily accessible online. Payfone needed a solution to give their customers access to the content online.

The goal of this project was to quickly and effectively provide Payfone with accurate, professional API documentation to support its software products. InfoPros also assisted in making this content available to its customers in an online format. Payfone was focused on new product development and much of the recent documentation was not up-to-date. Thus the top priority for InfoPros was to quickly edit and update the existing API guides to reflect the current software release of each API.


InfoPros started the project by talking with the Engineering group and decided upon a solution to migrate to a new tool that would support both HTML and PDFs. Working with the Engineering group, InfoPros started the process to identify the required changes to ensure each of the API guides accurately reflected the most recent release. All of the developed API documentation was reviewed to ensure that it properly displays when published in both PDF and HTML formats.

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