Stibo engages InfoPros Consulting Services

KENNESAW, GA—Stibo Systems, the global leader in multidomain Master Data Management, engaged InfoPros’ Consulting Services group to establish and implement best practices for its growing technical documentation group.

InfoPros reviewed the current tools and Stibo engages InfoProsprocesses being used by the documentation group, then developed a set of specific recommendations, with the focus on driving standardization and efficiencies.

Because of the rapid growth that Stibo was experiencing, standardizing the tools and processes would yield both lower costs and higher-quality documentation.

Once the recommendations were approved by Stibo Systems, InfoPros created a number of standard tools to be used by the Documentation team and provided customized training to ensure that best practices would be quickly adopted by the entire team.

InfoPros’ Consulting Services group works with companies across a wide variety of industries to develop practical, cost-effective solutions for developing, managing and maintaining technical content that relates to their products, processes and software.