Outsourcing Solutions

Companies frequently make the decision to outsource the development and maintenance of their technical documentation and training curricula because either it is not a core competency of their staff or their business needs vary enough to make supporting an internal staff ineffective.

InfoPros first will strive to understand your specific needs as well as what works today and what does not. Next, we will work with you to develop a cost-effective outsourcing solution that makes sense for your business.

When you select InfoPros as your outsourcing solutions partner, you get:
  • Dedicated project team passionate about technical content development and led by an InfoPros Project Manager
  • Outsourcing SolutionsSecure, cloud-based development/data management platform
  • SharePoint review portal for conducting content reviews
  • Expertise in tools and technology
  • Comprehensive management reporting
  • Focus on finding efficiencies and reducing unit costs
  • Comprehensive management reporting
  • Flexibility to meet uneven demands and deal with periodic bottlenecks

InfoPros provides you with best-in-class tools, skills, experience and project management without the associated investment. An InfoPros Project Manager is your single point of contact who has responsibility for managing all aspects of the project team. The team members – writers, illustrators, courseware developers – share a passion for technical content development and have the technical skills and experience to ramp up on your company’s requirements, products and processes. The Project Manager also provides the reporting detail that you require; the goal is to make the entire process simple for you.

By outsourcing your technical content needs to InfoPros you gain our flexibility to adjust seamlessly to your company’s changing business needs. Every core project team has the ability to pull in other InfoPros resources as needed to meet your needs. We also know that a key measure of success is minimizing the time required by your subject matter experts (SMEs). This is why we utilize an internal quality review process prior to sending content to any SME for review. We make the review process simple by utilizing interactive reviews when multiple SMEs are involved, reducing their time commitment and yielding higher-quality content.

InfoPros is unique in its focus on reducing unit costs. We track the costs of the work we do at a detailed level (e.g., cost per page for new content, cost per minute of eLearning). By tracking and reporting these costs we are able to identify inefficiencies and make recommendations which will reduce unit costs. When you believe it is time to outsource technical writing, choose  InfoPros as your documentation expert.

For examples of how we have helped numerous Clients who outsourced to us, please visit our Case Studies page.

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