When it comes to technical content and courseware development services, experience matters

Proven writing services for business The InfoPros team has the knowledge, experience and resources to handle any need, whether it’s updating existing documentation or developing new technical content, Online Help or courseware.  In addition, InfoPros’ consulting services help you determine where to start, what questions to ask and how to make it happen.

The InfoPros team has been excellent at helping us get the work done in a very competent, professional, and responsive manner. I would work with them again in a heartbeat! – J. Sheehan, Organizational Development, TransUnion

InfoPros relies on 20 years of experience and proven expertise to provide you with flexible and reliable solutions that include:

  • Creating product documentation for a new product launch
  • Updating software documentation for a new release or application
  • Documenting business processes & procedures for internal or external audiences
  • Designing and developing training solutions for products, services or software applications
  • Providing editing and proofing services to ensure logical flow, correct focus, and a professional appearance
  • Providing information in real time with an Online Help system
  • Assisting with rebranding and conversion needs

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We are fluent in a wide variety of industry-standard publishing tools, structured documentation and single sourcing.  We also have extensive experience working with content management systems, DITA/XML and other leading-edge technologies.  That’s why companies like Cisco, Motorola Mobility, ITT, and TransUnion have come to rely on InfoPros.

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