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An API Is Only as Good as Its Documentation Benefits to Outsourcing API Documentation

Quality API documentation is a critical factor in getting developers to understand and use APIs. By providing accurate, easy-to-understand documentation about APIs, third-party developers are able to quickly adopt the API, which will improve the effectiveness of your API.

InfoPros has worked with a wide variety of companies like Google and Payfone to provide professional, easy-to-use API documentation. For some of our Clients, the target audience is third-party software developers where quality API documentation will increase the adoption of their APIs. In other cases, companies want help documenting their APIs so that their own developers can more easily use the APIs that are key to their business.

Unique to InfoPros is our Project Team approach: a Project Manager leads a team of Technical Writers, Technical Illustrators, Editors and Information Architects. Our Project Team can develop a custom documentation strategy to fit the informational needs of your customers, the internal demands of your agile development cycle, and your product development life cycle (PDLC). Let’s work together to find the right solution for your API documentation needs.

Find out how to Increase adoption of an API through documentation.
Why Developers Should Not Create API Documentation

Keep your engineers and developers creating and improving your APIs. Often API software developers are tasked with writing and maintaining API documentation. This is not the best approach.

  • Software developers normally are hired to write code, not documentation, and are much more valuable coding.
  • Developers have not been trained on writing concise, easy-to-understand documentation for a wide audience. The authors of an API know the code so well, it is difficult for them to write documentation that can be easily understood by developers who may be new to using their code.
  • Much of the developer-written API documentation looks more like developers’ notes versus a concise, easy-to-understand outline of how an API works.
  • InfoPros can take a large chunk of your developers’ API documentation workload to free up resources for further API development.
Reducing Support Costs

When your customers need assistance with using your APIs, they normally will contact you for customer support. High-quality API documentation provides developers with the information they need to successfully use your platform on their own, which in most cases will reduce your support costs, improving your return on investment (ROI).

Our Process

The process begins with technical writers who can understand the code and have the knowledge and experience to determine what needs to be documented and at what level of detail.  It involves a review process to ensure both the accuracy of the documentation and its ease of use by the target audience, which may include not only software developers but product and support personnel as well.

Let’s Find A Solution

InfoPros focuses on supporting the documentation for all of your products, processes and software, from development through maintenance. InfoPros is an API documentation company that can help you with all of your documentation needs. Improve your API returns and outsource your API documentation to a company that is knowledgeable and efficient. InfoPros will create your API documentation on time and on budget, so you can keep your developers working on what they do best, which will improve your API returns.

Let’s work together to find the right solution for your software documentation needs. Let us know your unique API documentation challenges and InfoPros can create a solution to fit your business needs. Please fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you within one business day. You can reach us directly at 888.235.3231 or email information@infopros.com