InfoPros Works to Make Clients’ Knowledge Bases Smarter

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—InfoPros is working with several large companies that have extensive databases of knowledge/service articles – numbering in the hundreds in one case, thousands in another – InfoPros Makes Knowledge Bases Smarter yet have their customers and their customer service personnel complaining about not being able to find the product or service information that they need.  The issue appears to be growing as more companies try to reduce their support costs by putting more information into online databases.  Working with these companies, InfoPros has found three consistent themes:

  • Inattention to the searchability and readability of the articles impacts customer comprehension of the content, decreases customer satisfaction with the product or service, and drives up support costs.
  • More time needs to be spent understanding the specific needs of the target audience (e.g., customers or customer service personnel).
  • Plans for keeping databases current and relevant need to be formulated and implemented.

“Typically we find that the articles are not focused on solving a specific issue, but are long, complex documents covering multiple topics.  For example, rather than providing one knowledge article on how to change a password, there is a ten-page article addressing all types of security issues,” said Rob Vaglia, VP of Consulting Services at InfoPros.  “Customers have specific questions or problems and they want to be able to quickly and easily find their answers without poring through screens and screens of text that don’t address their needs.”  He added, “the key is to design articles that are constructed to answer one issue/question and to provide quick navigation elements to get customers to related articles if necessary.”

InfoPros also works with Clients to develop plans for keeping the knowledge bases current, ensuring that outdated information/articles are removed and that articles are updated to reflect product, service and policy changes.  Mr. Vaglia noted that “we have seen cases where we could eliminate a quarter of all articles due to their being outdated, superseded by subsequent articles, or addressing a product or service that is no longer being offered.”

InfoPros has been developing and maintaining the technical content that supports its Clients’ products, processes and software applications since 1994.  Contact us today, and learn more about the InfoPros Advantage.