InfoPros Helps Mid-Sized Manufacturers Reduce Product Documentation Costs

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—With the increased capabilities of today’s authoring software, InfoPros’ Consulting Services group has been working with a number of mid-sized manufacturers InfoPros Helps Mid-Sized Manufacturersto reduce the cost and the time required to produce high-quality, easy-to-use product documentation.  The process also yields two important side benefits.  First, by reducing the timeline associated with developing the documentation, there is one less hurdle to shipping new products.  Second, the time commitment of the product engineers is reduced, a benefit that some of InfoPros’ customers say is more important than the direct cost savings.

InfoPros Consulting Services group works with a new InfoPros Client to understand their products, identify the components and software that are common across a product family, and define the specific needs of the end user.  Armed with this information, and working closely with product engineers, Consulting Services is able to develop a plan for streamlining the product documentation process, leveraging content reuse.  “We have really brought a manufacturing mindset to the world of product documentation where our focus is on reducing unit costs” said InfoPros VP of Client Solutions Julie Machac.  She added that “some of our newer Clients, such as WinSystems and Axon, both of whom we started working with early this year, are seeing cost reductions of over 50% now that we are on the third and fourth product sets; we are now able to give mid-sized companies most of the benefits associated with higher-end software and infrastructure but without the capital investment or the need to add expensive headcount.”

InfoPros has been developing and maintaining the technical content that supports its Clients’ products, processes and software applications since 1994.  Contact us today, and learn more about the InfoPros Advantage.