InfoPros Targets API Documentation as a Growth Market

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—With the rapid growth of software-based products and services, InfoPros made the decision in late 2014 to target the need to create accurate, easy-to-use InfoPros Targets API Documentation as a Growth MarketApplication Programming Interface (API) documentation. “While our software documentation business has continued to show strong growth for a number of years, in 2014 we were approached by several F500 companies to support their API documentation efforts” said Bernie Schneider, President of InfoPros. For these companies, making it easier for their business partners to develop products and services that used these APIs was key. “We decided that there was an unmet need in the marketplace which we were well positioned to address” Schneider added. By the end of 2015, API documentation work is expected to be generating nearly a quarter of total revenue.

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