Documentation and Training Content for Industrial Products


INDUSTRIAL – Developing documentation and training content for industrial products presents a unique set of challenges.  Key to creating effective, easy-to-use content is understanding the product’s operating environment and maintenance requirements as well as developing the requisite product knowledge.  Selecting a partner that has experience working with industrial products can be the key factor in having your project come in on time and on budget.

InfoPros is a leader in developing cost-effective documentation and courseware for companies like Case New Holland, Manitowoc Cranes, Eaton, Parker Hannifin and Tesco.  We will develop an understanding of your needs and then assign a project team that has the skills and experience to quickly ramp up on your project.  We know that we need to meet your schedule and, if required, will go onsite to observe the installation or operation of your product(s) to ensure that the technical content we develop is accurate and easy to use by the target audience.  We also know that production schedules may change, often with little notice, so you need a partner that can adjust accordingly.

With InfoPros you are getting an experienced partner that has worked on a wide variety of industrial products, everything from all types of manufacturing equipment, to drilling and mining equipment, to all aspects of power distribution systems.  We have our own team of writers, courseware developers, and technical illustrators.  Each project team is led by an InfoPros project manager, your primary point of contact who will ensure that your project is a success.

We know that developing technical content is not what most companies want to be focused on, so we have developed an approach that allows us to manage the details of the project while providing our Clients with the information they need to manage us.

Let us show you we are the partner you are looking for.

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