Consulting Services

Documentation can be a challenge for large businesses.  It can remain the same for years without being updated or converted to reflect current business practices and technologies, until the overhaul becomes necessary and daunting.  This is a great time to engage InfoPros.

We have the experience and ability to make the process simple for you, no matter how complex the project may seem.  The Solutions Architects and Instructional Designers in our Consulting Services group simplify the complex while determining the best format and the best processes for creating, updating and/or reformatting your documentation, allowing you to focus on your business.

Consulting Services for your documentation and content challengesFor example, InfoPros was approached by a utilities company who had the goal of making their existing documentation, thousands of pages including hundreds of illustrations and diagrams, accessible by mobile devices.  InfoPros’ Consulting Services group conducted an audience and content analysis to determine the best approach.  We needed to ascertain whether all of the information was crucial to the message, or if the documents could be scaled down, and to determine the right authoring tool(s) for producing the mobile content.

If you currently have a large, complex project as one of your major business initiatives and you’re just not sure where to start, contact us today.  We can make it simple for you.

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