Bidtellect® chooses InfoPros to develop Online Help System for next-generation software platform

Online Help provides advertisers with a system they will find informative and easy to use

InfoPros develops online help system

DELRAY BEACH, FL— Bidtellect®, a global leader in Native Advertising that provides a real-time bidding platform and exchange, selects InfoPros to develop its end user online help system. This help system will make it easier for publishers and advertisers to fully leverage state of the art technology and tools that deliver Bidtellect’s Native Intelligence® application.  InfoPros was selected because of its proven expertise in designing, developing and implementing online help systems and as well as having the ability to adhere to Bidtellect’s software release schedule.

Bidtellect focuses on facilitating efficiency in the Native Advertising process of selling and delivery across the web. The online help development will include conceptual, task and reference based topics about the application so users can easily access its features and tools.  The InfoPros team brings to Bidtellect the breadth and depth of skill and the experience of working with software engineers to gain the requisite knowledge.

By partnering with InfoPros, Bidtellect has the benefit of a dedicated project team that has the understanding of its software and is available to work closely with its product team as needed, without incurring the cost associated with hiring in-house personnel and investing in the required software tools.