AXON Chooses InfoPros to Design and Implement a New Product Documentation Platform

Axon’s custom machinery requires complex operating manuals to provide high level of service to customers

DURHAM, NC—Axon, a leader in the worldwide packaging industry, has chosen a new documentation platform for developing and maintaining its product documentation library. Axon provides a wide variety of industrial packaging products to its customers, each customized to meet their specific applications. XFINITY enagages InfoProsAxon chose InfoPros based upon its experience working with a wide variety of industrial companies and its ability to both design and implement a new documentation platform as well as provide ongoing production support, negating the need for Axon to invest in staff and training.

Working with many mid-sized industrial companies, InfoPros has found that the key to lowering product documentation resources and improving quality is implementing tools and processes that make it easy to reuse content across different product families, but doing so without requiring the big-dollar investments in complex content management systems (CMS). Rob Vaglia, Director of Consulting Services at InfoPros says “these companies have the same needs and requirements as many F500 companies but can’t justify the six-figure investment required to implement custom CMS platforms. Our job is to figure out how to get 80% of the benefit associated with implementing a CMS but with one-tenth of the budget.”