Authentix partners with InfoPros to Create Online Help System

Online Help System to support State of Ghana Tax Stamps program

Online Help System

Online help systems: multi-user solutions

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—InfoPros is partnering with Authentix, a global leader in product authentication solutions, to create an Online Help System for the State of Ghana Tax Stamps program. The InfoPros project team is designing and developing Online Help that augments Authentix world-class tax stamp software. This partnership provides Authentix end user, the State of Ghana, with an advantage to distinguish itself through an effective system that users will find to be both informative and easy to use.  The InfoPros team is collaborating with Authentix software experts to design a system that can be accessed globally; accommodating multiple concurrent users. “We are developing the content of this online help system from the ground up and covering a multitude of topics,” said Project Manager, Jason Martin. “The system will allow users to access information they need in the most efficient manner.” >>READ MORE ABOUT INFOPROS ONLINE HELP SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT