Why InfoPros?

The InfoPros Advantage

The InfoPros Advantage Sets Us Apart

The InfoPros Advantage is the reason companies such as Google, Comcast, Cisco, Eaton and The Home Depot rely on us for their technical writing and courseware development needs. Our clients know that our content solutions solve business challenges, improve quality and drive efficiencies.

When you select InfoPros, you have a partner that can meet all of your organization’s process documentation, product documentation, software documentation, training and courseware development needs, paying only for what you need. InfoPros will provide you and your organization the peace of mind that your documentation projects will be delivered on time and on budget, and that you can devote your team to what it does best.


We focus on developing the technical content that will support your company’s products, processes and software applications. The InfoPros Project Team bring best practices to each project, be it process documentation, product documentation, eLearning or online help for software applications, focusing on our core competency: creating easy-to-use, cost-effective content solutions for our clients.


Your InfoPros Project Team is dedicated to reducing unit costs and increasing the effectiveness of each deliverable.  As we learn more about your business we will make recommendations that, in many cases, allow us to reduce your unit costs, often by as much as 10-25% in our first year of working with a company.

Keep it Simple

Unique to InfoPros, our project-team approach is designed to make it simple for you.  As an InfoPros client, you will be assigned a project team, which is led by an InfoPros project manager, based upon your specific needs and the volume of work. The project manager leads a team of technical writers, technical illustrators, editors and Information Architect.  You can then set the objectives and rely upon your project team to manage the process and be accountable for the results.  Learn more about the details and value of our proven project management process by viewing Project Management at InfoPros and why it is a big part of the InfoPros Advantage.

Infrastructure and Process

InfoPros provides a complete content development environment and has the proven processes to ensure quality, consistency and efficiency in all of your technical documentation and courseware.  Our secure, cloud-based infrastructure and flexible content-review platform give you the benefits of an enterprise-class development environment without having to make the associated investment.


We engage with each client with the expectation that we will be working with them for the long-term. Unlike many technical writing companies and courseware development agencies, the majority of InfoPros’ clients are long-term, many partnering for over a decade. A key part of our job is to provide you with clear communication, which includes letting you know what is working and what can be improved.  Our goal is for you to view InfoPros as your go-to partner for all of your technical content needs.

Contact us today, and learn more about The InfoPros Advantage.