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Global Finishing Solutions Turns To InfoPros to Improve Product Documentation

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) selected InfoPros to assist them with upgrading their product documentation as well streamline the processes used to develop, maintain, and publish their documentation. GFS is a leading manufacturer of paint booths, spray booths, and finishing systems for industrial… [Read more…]

Parata Chooses InfoPros as its Documentation Outsourcing Partner

Durham, NC – Parata has selected InfoPros as its documentation business partner. Parata is a provider of pharmacy technology solutions that improve health outcomes and lower medical costs; Parata solutions have filled more than 2.5 billion prescriptions and helped pharmacists avoid an estimated 20 million medication errors… [Read more…]

InfoPros works to make Clients’ knowledge bases smarter

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—InfoPros is working with several large companies that have extensive databases of knowledge/service articles, yet have their customers and their customer service personnel complaining about not being able to find the product or service information that they need.  The issue appears to be growing … [Read more…]

InfoPros helps mid-sized manufacturers reduce product documentation costs

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—With the increased capabilities of today’s authoring software, InfoPros’ Consulting Services group has been working with a number of mid-sized manufacturers to reduce the cost and the time required to produce high-quality, easy-to-use product documentation.  The process yields two important side benefits. … [Read more…]

InfoPros targets API documentation as a growth market

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—With the rapid growth of software-based products and services, InfoPros made the decision in late 2014 to target the need to create accurate, easy-to-use Application Programming Interface (API) documentation. … [Read more…]

Dometic chooses InfoPros as its product documentation partner

ELKHART, IN—Dometic, a global provider of leisure products for the marine, truck, RV and automotive markets, has chosen InfoPros as its product documentation partner.  InfoPros will be developing and maintaining product documentation for a broad range of products, everything from generators and refrigeration units to lighting and climate control systems… [Read more…]

Stibo engages InfoPros Consulting Services

KENNESAW, GA—Stibo Systems, the global leader in multidomain Master Data Management, engaged InfoPros’ Consulting Services group to establish and implement best practices for its growing technical documentation group. InfoPros reviewed the current tools and processes being used by the documentation group, then developed a set of specific recommendations, with the focus on driving standardization and efficiencies.… [Read more…]

InfoPros Promotes Rob Vaglia to VP, Consulting Services

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—InfoPros is pleased to announce that Mr. Rob Vaglia has been promoted into the new role of VP of Consulting Services. Mr. Vaglia has played a key role in helping companies adopt cost-effective strategies for developing and maintaining all types of technical content, everything from product documentation and online help to process documentation and training curricula.… [Read more…]

RMG selects InfoPros as its product documentation partner

DALLAS, TX—RMG Networks, a global leader in visual communication solutions and technology, has selected InfoPros to expand and support its library of product documentation. RMG’s documentation challenge is that several times a year it has large software releases that require extensive updating of its product documentation library.… [Read more…]

XFINITY engages InfoPros to support its expanding product portfolio

PHILADELPHIA, PA—XFINITY, a Comcast company, has engaged InfoPros to update and enhance its library of product documentation. XFINITY Home delivers security and home automation services while the new XFINITY Stream service provides Internet-based TV. Comcast needed a partner with the skills and scale to support its needs… [Read more…]

AXON chooses InfoPros to design and implement a new product documentation platform

RALEIGH, NC—Axon, a Pro Mach brand and leader in the worldwide packaging industry, has chosen a new platform for developing and maintaining its product documentation library. Axon provides a wide variety of industrial packaging products to its customers, each customized to meet specific applications. Axon chose InfoPros based upon its experience … [Read more…]

TransUnion partners with InfoPros for key documents in rebranding launch

CHICAGO, IL—When TransUnion cultivated its plan to expand its capabilities in the information solutions industry and rebrand itself in the process, many documentation challenges surfaced. TransUnion has come to rely upon InfoPros as its content expert since early 2011. Supporting the development of all types of content, including online help systems, … [Read more…]

EMCORE chooses InfoPros to produce product documentation

ALHAMBRA, CA—Opticomm, a division of EMCORE, specializing in advanced optical fiber transmission systems, chooses InfoPros as its documentation partner. The Emcore team requires a partner with skilled resources, content expertise, and project management capabilities to create a large volume of documentation within … [Read more…]

Bidtellect chooses InfoPros to develop Online Help System for next-generation software platform

DELRAY BEACH, FL— Bidtellect, a global leader in Native Advertising that provides a real-time bidding platform and exchange, selects InfoPros to develop its end user online help system. This help system will make it easier for publishers and advertisers to fully leverage state of the art technology and tools that deliver … [Read more…]

HID Global Corporation partners with InfoPros for its documentation services

HID Global is the trusted leader in products, services and solutions related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities for millions of customers worldwide. Their documentation requires a partner that can support their extensive suite of documents, including Quick Start Guides, Knowledge Articles, Release … [Read more…]

Iridium Communications selects InfoPros to develop content for satellite transceiver guides

MCLEAN, VA—Iridium Communications, a global provider of satellite mobile voice and data communications services, selects the InfoPros team to provide documentation development to serve their wireless data applications clients.  The company’s satellite services are used for a wide variety of applications including … [Read more…]

InfoPros Partners with KeyCentrix for Online Help System Updates

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO–As an innovator in manufacturing and industrial software, KeyCentrix continues to revolutionize its products in response to the needs of its customers in pharmacy management solutions. In its commitment to provide pharmacies with a level of resources unlike anything available in the industry, KeyCentrix identified … [Read more…]

“Downloading” Tribal Knowledge

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—A major manufacturer of industrial products and partner of InfoPros has identified that it stands to be affected by the loss of what many in manufacturing are referring to as “Tribal Knowledge.” Tribal Knowledge has become known as, “A set of unwritten … [Read more…]

InfoPros to develop courseware for new TESCO training program

HOUSTON, TX—Continuing their long partnership, the TESCO Corporation has selected InfoPros to develop a training course to facilitate knowledge and proper operation of their new Catwalk equipment. The TESCO Automated Catwalk (TAC) enables drillers, on most any rig, to achieve time and money saving benefits. With about 30% of rigs using a Catwalk system, TESCO … [Read more…]

PCS Ferguson Teams Up with InfoPros for Operations Manual Development

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—PCS Ferguson, producer of production-enhancing oilfield equipment, selects InfoPros to solve its documentation requirements for its iChem™ product line. This professional, easy-to-use operations manual will provide installation and maintenance technicians with the information to properly use the innovative products in the … [Read more…]

Authentix partners with InfoPros to Create Online Help System

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—InfoPros is partnering with Authentix, a global leader in product authentication solutions, to create an Online Help System for the State of Ghana Tax Stamps program. The InfoPros project team is designing and developing Online Help that augments Authentix world-class tax stamp software. This partnership provides Authentix end user, … [Read more…]

InfoPros Expands Into Houston Market

HOUSTON, TX—With more companies looking to outsource their documentation and courseware development needs, InfoPros has expanded its reach by establishing itself in the Houston, Texas market. This strategic addition provides a local presence for clients in the oil and gas sector, in what is one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the … [Read more…]

InfoPros Fills Key Executive Position

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—InfoPros, a documentation solutions industry leader, adds new talent to its executive team with Ms. Julie Machac joining InfoPros as the VP of Client Solutions. In this role Ms. Machac will have operational responsibility for supporting all InfoPros Clients, a client base that has seen significant growth over the last four years with the addition of … [Read more…]

Peak Health Solutions Chooses InfoPros for Website Content Creation

April, 2014 – Peak Health Solutions, Inc., a company that offers advanced health information management services, has chosen InfoPros to create technical website content to assist in its expanded marketing efforts. Peak Health contacted InfoPros for help from InfoPros’ team of technical writers to produce educational information on the overview, features, and benefits of its services, focusing on Peak Health’s position as … [Read more…]